Final Issue: #14

WELCOME!  In our final issue, Kerem is pleased to present a fine collection of new and former contributors’ writings on Jewish matters.

Volume 14:  2014-5775


The Student Who Met a She-Demon in the Study Hall
Gail Labovitz

A Dialogue of Lovers: Refashioning the Ketubah and Ring Ceremony
Gilah Langner

Genealogy; The Spice of the Sabbath
Howard Schwartz

Snake Mind, Conscious Mind: Revisiting Torah’s Serpents
Laura Duhan Kaplan

English Leyning: Bringing New Meaning to the Torah Service
Jack Kessler

Electricity: A Memoir (1995)
Yehudah Mirsky

Tachanun for a Modern Jew
Elyssa Joy Auster

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      Holy Days: Special Section

The Gospel of Rabbi Amnon of Mainz
      David Stern

Soften the Harshness of the Decree: Meditation Before U-Netaneh Tokef
      Zahara Heckscher

Be Happy. Yom Kippur.
     Julie Hilton Danan

Yom Kippur in Brooklyn (late 1930s)
     Richard J. Fein

     Sara R. Horowitz

Hamulah Celebrates Sukkot
     Richard Jay Goldstein

Elijah the Prophet — Fanatic or Healer?
     Jonathan L. Richler

Let all who are hungry; Tzedakah
     Marge Piercy

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _  _ _ _  _ _ _ _

Mikveh: A Tradition of Purity
Margalit Slovin

The Prophetess as Priestess: Women, Revelation, and the Sacred
Jill Hammer
       She Who Receives Visions: The Practice of Dreamwork
       Taya Shere

A Forgotten Poet of the Bible
Kathryn Hellerstein
       Roza Yakubovitsh

“Bright Moon Rises Over Heavenly Mountain:” Love and Torah Scrolls in Kaifeng
Irene Eber

Displaced Persons
Marc Kaminsky

Shloshim Journal
Susan P. Fendrick

Akiva J. Savett

Words of Parting
Leon Wiener Dow

Sheri Lindner

A Spiritual Autobiography: How I Found Religion
Simcha Rachmiel

One Day Before…
Jonathan Kremer