Volume 13: 5772 / 2012


Special Shavuot Section

Gilah Langner

Michael S. Glaser

Howard Schwartz

Tamar Stern

Parashah Meditations
Dale Lupu and Richard Gladstein

The Night Before My Mother’s Bat Mitzvah
Kathryn Hellerstein

Moses, Ruth  and David
Allan M. Langner

Articles  and Divrei Torah

William Novak

Yearning to Pray
Laura Duhan Kaplan

The Healing Power of Saying Kaddish for a Suicide
Chaya Gusfield

Expanding Faith
Emily Goldberg

Potiphar’s Wife
Brenda Seabrooke

Balaam’s View
Amy E. Schwartz

Discovering EcoJudaism
Hersh Mendyl Shatzka

Poetry, Midrash, & Fiction

Eve and Lilith Back at the Garden
Lynn Levin

Imagining the Rebbe:  Two Works in Progress
— Der Geyer
Menachem Boraisha, trans. by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
— Closure
Daniel Y. Harris

The Sixth Maccabee
Richard Jay Goldstein

Why Rabbi Hiyya Bar Abba Complained of Rabbi  Abbahu
James Toupin

Making Amends
Fiction by Tom Walker

A Look Ahead at High Holy Days

The Brutality of Repentance
David Stern

Neilah #1 and #2
Ken Seide

The Gorilla and My U-Netaneh Tokef Problem
Susan P. Fendrick


Layers of Light Tik
Beaded Mezuzot
Temma Gentles

The  River, Islands
Abraham Dream Catcher, Hands of God
Mindy Rose Schwartz