Volume 2: 5754 Winter 1994

Articles & Midrash

Rebekah and Isaac: A Marriage Made in Heaven
Norma Rosen

The Art of Halakhah
Yehudah Mirsky

Women and the Gulf War: A Personal Perspective
Karen Alkalay-Gut

Bris Milah
Dale Lieberman

Simhat Torah Intimations: The Bridegroom of Bereshit
Sara R. Horowitz

Starting Kol Nidre
Gilah Langner

Imagining Sarah
Chana Thompson

Standing for Michael
Jonathan Silin

Verse From Afar: Approaching Biblical Texts
David Curzon

Checking in with Moshe Waldoks
William Novak

At the Crossroads: Reflections on Ruth
Ruth Knafo Setton

Stories, Liturgy & Poetry

The Image and the Likeness
Ira F. Stone

The Gift-Wrapper
Wayne-Daniel Berard

Lilith, After the Settlement Conference
Naomi Zvirman

Marcia Lipson

Sketches of Immigrant Life: The Fence
Solomon Ary, translated by Sacvan Bercovitch and Rachael Ary-De Rozza

Nina Judith Katz

The Avodah Service: A Metric Translation of Amitz Koah
Joel Rosenberg

Prague Moon
Sara Putney Weisberger

Two Yizkor Prayers
Ira F. Stone

Ray Shankman

Aryeh Cohen