Volume 7: 5761 2001


Talking with the Ticktins
From Vienna and the Jewish Theological Seminary, from the anti-war movement to the havurah, noted teachers and mentors Esther and Max Ticktin discuss the spiritual and personal transformations of two examined and intertwined Jewishly creative lives.
By Gilah Langner

Feature Articles

Architecture and Ecstasy: A Reading of the Song of Songs
Doreen Stock walks us through the physical spaces of the Song of Songs — an unusal backdrop for the maturation of a young shepherd girl into grown woman.

The Broken Tablets and the Whole: A Shavuot Exploration
What does the Talmud mean when it says that both the whole tablets of the Law and the broken ones were placed in the ark? Ellen Frankel and Herb Levine share with us their Shavuot exploration of human frailty and loss.

A Tribute to Dick Israel
Teacher, rabbi, mentor, Hillel director, storyteller, beekeeper, and marathon runner, Rabbi Richard J. Israel z”l left large footsteps to fill. Here are two previously unpublished gems: excerpts from a Rosh Hashanah drash and “Rav Pappa and Family.”

A Kavanah for a Widowhood Journey
A moving meditation at the conclusion of reciting kaddish, composed by Rabbi Karen Gluckstern-Reiss in memory of her beloved husband.

An Adult Coming of Age
How can women remain independent and still be in loving partnerships? Karen Kopciak describes the task of figuring out for ourselves what coming of age — bat mitzvah — means for adults.

Divrei Torah

Of Kings and Wives and Babes: Pursuing Tzedek
Pity the mighty King Solomon — he loved 1,000 women, but did he like any of them? A new reading of Solomon’s wisdom and judgment — what the king might have learned from his wives, had he thought to ask.
By Sara R. Horowitz

Transforming a Text: Comments on Tzav
A novel way of transforming biblical passages about sacrifices and cult ritual into a modern spiritual message.
By David Curzon

On the Lighter Side

Internet Humor: Hilchot Aufruf
You want to throw candies in shul? You gotta know the rules. As always, if the real author owns up, we’ll be happy to attribute this piece.

Getting Engaged in the Himalayan Mountains
Lubavitcher Rabbis, Tuna Fish, and Thou
by Rabbi Dan Judson

A Prayer for Those Who Don’t Talk in Shul
A 16th century prayer for a thoroughly modern vice. Translated, and with a commentary, noch, by Rabbi Kenneth L. Cohen.


Family Language
Israeli author Elisha Porat relives his grandfather’s death in his dreams, years before he was born. A beautiful melding of mystery and memory.

The Song of the Heart: A Shabbat Children’s Story
Can a grumpy farmer stay grumpy after the rebbe comes to visit on Shabbat?
By Rabbi Leila Gal Berner

Wailing with Grandma
Sirens, car chases, and the Old City. A teenager shleps his grandmother around Jerusalem on a memorable family visit.
By Henry Alan Paper

Midrash and Poetry

Lilith and the Letter Shin: A Midrash about Perfection and Wholeness
If a baby hadn’t cried just as Lilith picked up the letter shin, would the shin still look the way it does?
By Nancy Gall-Clayton

The Poetry of Arno Nadel
Martin Wasserman introduces us to the work of German poet Arno Nadel, appearing for the first time ever in English translation.

Ten, Jonah
Seymour Mayne

Four Poems from The Face in the Window
Linda Zisquit

Bible Lessons
Lisa Katz

Steven Sher

The Cave of the Holy Child
Steven Tarlow

D.A. Feinfeld

Unfinished Poem
Shirley Kaufman

A Piece of Silk
Lynn E. Levin

For Esther (and women like her)
Sheila Freeman

Daniel Green