Volume 9: 5764 / 2004


A Conversation with Anita Diamant
What converts bring to Judaism, what Jews should stop doing toward converts, why you might want to go to the new Boston mikveh and never get wet, and lots more … from the acclaimed author of The Red Tent, in a sparkling interview with noted writer William Novak.

Honey from the Rock: A Brit Bat for Our Daughter
Making a brit bat both physical and covenantal.
By Ketura Persellin


When Do We Eat?
Eating is not a sideshow at the Passover Seder: It used to be the main event. How do we bring back a merger of holy telling and sacred eating?
By Larry Magarik

Fathers and Sons
A reflection on the four sons of the Haggadah and the sons of Samuel and David in the Bible: Not every father gets the son he wants.
By Sara R. Horowitz

The Four Generations
By Sybil Wolin

Do I Have to Be Happy?
How is Sukkot like surviving cancer? Reflections from the front lines, by Rachel Braun.

Misha Angrist takes a light look at going home for the holidays.

Divrei Torah

Of Goats and Scapegoats
From cleaning out hametz to Kol Nidre, from Azazel to Had Gadya – the links between Yom Kippur and Passover are instructive.
By Jody Myers

Whose Responsibility? A Dvar Torah on Boundaries
A conflict in Torah laws leads to an understanding of the limits of human responsibilities.
By Jonathan Richler

The Second Tent
There were two tents in the wilderness, each with a very different modality of connecting to God, explains Rabbi Edward Elkin.

Prayer and Text

Leyning is a Passion
An expert Torah reader reflects on his lifelong passion.
By Bernard Horowitz

Morning Blessings
Put down the siddur, open up your soul: The 15 morning blessings in the daily service are a simple, profound spiritual practice.
By Gilah Langner

Justice, Integrity, Friendship, and Suffering; A Reading of Job
It’s not what you think: Job is a critique of a naive sense of justice in which people get what they deserve.
By Norbert Hornstein

An Amidah Moment
A boy, tzitzit, and Rosh Hashanah.
By Sheri Lindner

Fiction and Midrash

The Fifth Question
A powerful story of a mother and son, and an unforgettable Seder.
By Robin Martin

Morning Minyan
Morning services will never quite be the same after this fast and furious look at the daily minyan.
By Lior Klirs

Midrash on the Eve of a Huppah
By Shai Cherry


The Ninth Plague
By Yakov Azriel

Poem for Jonah’s Bar Mitzvah
Kathryn Hellerstein

By Yosefa Raz

By Eve Grubin

Yoshev B’Sukkah
By Tamar Stern

By Janet R. Kirchheimer

A Little Bit of Family History
By Hamutal Bar-Yosef

By Daniel A. Harris

By Lynn Levin

Reading Yiddish
By Richard Fein


Kaddish and Other Work
Letters and words form the basis of this New York striking visual language.
By Jane Logemann

By Judybeth Greene