Welcome to Kerem

Kerem is an independent, inter-denominational publication, published on an occasional basis to explore Jewish spiritual issues. Contents include text study, divrei Torah, midrash, liturgy, essays, poetry, short stories, interviews, photography, and more. Kerem has an egalitarian and pluralistic philosophy, and aims to combine the best of modern thinking and a serious engagement with Jewish tradition.

Kerem is:

  • A high caliber publication combining a serious engagement with Jewish tradition and the best of modern Jewish renewal…
  • A place for exchanging new prayers, new translations, midrash, divrei Torah, new ceremonies and lifecycle rituals, new interpretations of traditional texts, reflections on Jewish life and identity in our time…
  • A place to turn to for materials that reflect the values of egalitarianism, tolerance, and pluralism, and that build these values into religious language and rituals…

Guidelines for Writers

We welcome new writers and readers! For more on what we’re looking for, see Guidelines for Writers.
Write to us with comments, thoughts, ideas for Kerem at:
langner@erols.com (Gilah Langner)
kerem@sympatico.ca (Sara R. Horowitz)