A Taste of Kerem

Enjoy these Samples from the Journal:

The Sixth Maccabee by Richard Jay Goldstein, a perfect read-aloud for Hanukkah!

U-Netaneh Tokef: Days of Judgment (PDF) by Laura Duhan Kaplan

A Prayer for Those Who Don’t Talk in Shul translated and with a commentary by Rabbi Kenneth L. Cohen

A Conversation with Lawrence Kushner by William Novak

Yizkor, Yom Kippur 1998 by John Spiegel

Seven Wedding Blessings by Gilah Langner

A Ritual of Release by Rabbis Paula Marcus, Eli Cohen, and Lori Klein

Haggadah l’Yom Zekhuyot Shel Adam: A Human Rights Haggadah by Sheila Peltz Weinberg and Margaret Holub

Brit Bat & Brit Milah by Davi Walders

The ABC’s of Confession (PDF) David Stern

Weaving Tallitot Amy Smith