Volume 12: 5771 / 2010

Kerem cover


Special High Holiday Section

U-Netaneh Tokef:
Days of Judgment

Laura Duhan Kaplan

Ha-Yom Harat Olam:
Celebrating the World’s Birthday

Sara R. Horowitz

The Seven Habits of Highly
Effective Peace Makers
Debra R. Kolodny

The Picture of Prayer:
Kol Nidre, c. 1320 and 2010

David Stern

The Woman Rabbi
Diana Sher

Closing, Opening, Closing:
A Neilah Reflection
Susan P. Fendrick

Healing Meditations
Ariel Neshama Lee

Articles, Text Study & Divrei Torah

The Seven-Year Itch
Darcy Fryer

The Evolution of an American Rabbi:
A Conversation with Marc Gopin

Gilah Langner

The Dream of Exile:
A Rereading of Honi the Circle-Drawer

Hyim Shafner

Rachel and Leah:
A Jewish Model of Sisterhood
Nora Gold

Coercion or Covenant?
Jonathan L. Richler

Rahav Visited and Revisited
Andrew Vogel Ettin

Poetry, Midrash, & Fiction

The Promise
Tamar Stern

The Teterev River— As My
Mother Might Have Told It

Barbara M.White

These Are the Travels
Herb Levine

How It Got Into the Talmud
Irving F.Miller

The Transformation of Jacob
Ellen Jane Powers

Va-Yikra: God Called,
This Is the Blessing
Miriam Flock

Prayer Against Lust
Yehoshua November

From Water and Wilderness
Steven Weiner

…In a Strange Land
John J. Clayton

To You, Miriam
Malka Heifetz Tussman
Translated by Kathryn Hellerstein

Bitter Herbs
Steven Tarlow

We Once Were Slaves
Marsha Koretzky

The Song of Miriam’s Well
Rachel Adelman


Hand to Hand
Zeva Oelbaum