Volume 1: Winter 1992/93

Articles, Divrei Torah

Who Was That Masked Man? Reflections on Moses, Batman and Agnon
Dan Shevitz

The Stories We Tell: Narratives in the Yom Kippur Liturgy
Sara R. Horowitz

Searching for Meaning, or, The Meaning of the Search
Ira F. Stone

Reversing the Garment: On Language and Translation in Jewish Prayer
Joel Rosenberg

The Role of the Shaliach Tsibur
Jeffrey Summit

Made According to His Desire: The Prayers of Woman and the Fears of Man
Lori Hope Lefkovitz

Dressing for Shabbat
Larry Magarik

Science, Religion and a Medieval Philosopher
Norbert Samuelson

When Law Cannot Bind: The Example of Niddah
Leonard Gordon

What Does God Know?
Yehudah Mirsky

The Making of an American Rabbi: An Interview with Richard Israel
William Novak

Poetry, Liturgy & Midrash

Jerusalem Diary (excerpts)
Kathryn Hellerstein

Two Liturgical Poems
Marge Piercy

Tefillat Ha-Geshem
Joel Rosenberg

Meditations on Sh’ma and the Amidah
Janet Berkenfield

Seven Wedding Blessings
Gilah Langner

Brit Banot: Covenant Ceremonies for Daughters
Debra Cantor & Rebecca Jacobs

King Solomon Asks for a Hearing Heart
Danny Siegel

Ten Midrashim
David Curzon

The Song of Solomon’s Daughter…
Geoffrey Hartman

I Turned Into
Rivka Miriam

A Word Before the Last, About Loss
Linda Zisquit

Alex Singer