Volume 4: 5756 Winter 1995-96

Articles & Divrei Torah

Two Shuls
Yehudah Mirsky

Talking with Blu Greenberg
William Novak

A Wakeful Heart: Thoughts on Rosh Hashanah
Sara R. Horowitz

A Ceremony for Remembering, Mourning, and Healing After Miscarriage
Lois Dubin

And Abraham Said “No!”
Lewis John Eron

The Practice of Jewish Meditation
Spencer Adler

Some Contemporary Interpretations of Jacob’s Ladder
David Curzon

Becoming Old, Becoming Wise: Toward a Torah of Evolving Expectations
Rebecca Jacobs

Stories & Poetry

The Eyes of Tashlich
Shel Krakofsky

To Conceive a World
Karen S. Mittelman

by Ira Gold

Larry Oakner

Forms of Blue
Harrison Tao

On Her First Yahrzeit
Barbara D. Holender

Wayne-Daniel Berard


Arnold Kramer

Faces and Facets
Shai Zakai