Volume 5: 5757 Spring 1997

Articles, Liturgy, & Divrei Torah

The Plagues: A Developmental-Psychological Interpretation
Sheri Lindner

Creativity and Text: New Paths to Tsitsit and Tefillin
Judith Z. Abrams

Women, Tefillin, and the Stories of the Law
Yehudah Mirsky

Do Nice Girls Lay Tefillin?
Sara R. Horowitz and Gilah Langner

Susan L. Oren

Psalm 121 and 121F: Two Translations
Barbara Ellison Rosenblit

Kiddushin and Kesharin: Toward an Egalitarian Wedding Ceremony
Cheryl Beckerman

Haftorah Blessings
Lori Lefkovitz

So Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
An Internet Inquiry

Stories, Poetry, & Photography

Jeffrey Gilden

Jill Hammer

King David
Jeff Friedman

In the Spring These Small Deaths
Carol V. Davis

The Red Tent: Prologue
Anita Diamant

A Bintel Briv
Deborah Brody

Poems:  Yiddish, Just After Dawn
Richard Fein

Roy Strassburg

My Mother and the Man Who Called the Ambulance
Karen Surman Paley

A Love Story
Kathryn Hellerstein

For The Leader, With String Music
Joseph M. Lipner