Volume 8: 5763 2002


Using Personal Prayer for Healing
Spiritual support groups give people who are suffering from pain or loss an opportunity to access the tools of Jewish healing.
By Carol Popky Hausman, Ph.D.

Divrei Torah

Magic and Ritual on Yom Kippur
The magical layer of the Yom Kippur ritual helps us connect to the power of the Day and the mercy of God.
By Perry Dane


Oseh Shalom
By Barbara Holender

By Avi Bloom

Sundry Blessings
By Lynn Levin


Conversations with Rabbi Ira Eisenstein
Thoughts on theology, prayer, ethics and halakhah, and change within Judaism, from a noted teacher and thinker. The founder of the Reconstructionist movement reflects on the development of the movement, and on the influence of Mordecai Kaplan, his close collaborator and father-in-law.
By Gilah Langner


Samson’s Honey
The riddle of the honey and the mystery of the long hair – and oh! those Philistine women!
By Mark Mirsky


A New Take on Kiddushin: Halakhic, Egalitarian, Non-Heterosexist
Can a marriage ceremony be egalitarian and non-heterosexist, and – at the same time – halakhic? An innovative ritual, attentive to the principles of Jewish law and contemporary sensibilities, leads to a consideration of what halakhah means.
By Shalom Flank

A New Reading of Haftorah on Rosh Hashanah
A chantable English translation of the haftorah for the first day of Rosh Hashanah – the story of Hannah. Trop marks included!
By Clare Feinson


Juxtapositions: Midrashic Images
Paintings that explore parallels in the lives of Biblical ancestors and events in contemporary life.
By Janet Shafner

After their exile from Eden, Life and Earth must begin anew. The magic of language and a helping angel point Earth to her journey of discovery.
By Amy Bitterman

Sarah Laughs
By Susan Thomas

By Barbara D. Holender

By Pete Wolf Smith


By Robert Manaster

Sketches for an Oral Scripture
By Ira Stone


Ervah: Hidden Sensuality
A New York photographer dons the head coverings of different religious communities.
By Na’ama Batya Lewin

The Lighter Side

New York Gothic
A mystery of power, minyans, and gabai’m
By Cary L. Friedman